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First Responder's Burger Brawl

Vineland Station Depot
November 3, 2023  |  5:00 pm


Help us celebrate the 2nd First Responder’s Burger Brawl where our local first responders will cook up their unique burger creations.   First place prizes will be awarded in two categories – one picked by a panel of judges based on five judged factors of the burger and, one voted as “fan favorite” by those attending the Brawl.  Winners own 2023 Bragging Rights and can claim the NC Pecan Harvest Festival’s First Responder’s Burger Brawl Trophy.

Everybody come by ... there will be fun stuff for the kids, a beer and wine garden, a live band and much more!



  1. “Teams” can consist of any number of people, but one member must be chosen as team captain.  Teams can be as small as one individual.

  2. Participants must provide a grill and necessary fuel to cook 2 or more pounds of product.

  3. We encourage decorating your cook-off area, but all decorations and furnishings must be confined to your allocated space.

  4. The only thing provided to burger competition contestants is the cooking area and the container used for burger to be presented to the judge.

  5. All property and equipment used for cooking must be confined to your allocated space.  All equipment must be free standing – no stakes, post holes or digging is allowed.  Use of sand bucket for tent covers is allowed.

  6. No pre-cooking allowed.  Cooking may begin after team captain meeting.

  7. All food products must be stored and maintained at safe temperatures

  8. Each contestant competing shall supply all of their own cooking ingredients.  Individual cooking devices (propane or charcoal) utensils, preparation tables, etc.

  9. All fires must be contained.  Absolutely no ground fires.

  10. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their cook area.

  11. The NC Pecan Harvest Festival committee, vendors, volunteers or the City of Whiteville will not be held responsible for loss, damage, theft, injury or accident.

  12. All burgers must be composed of a formed ground beef patty/patties served on a bun or other bread product (such as biscuits, focaccia or tortillas). Burgers may include any combination of condiments (such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard), sauces (such as barbeque or hot sauce), cheeses and toppings (such as bacon, onions, tomatoes and lettuce). Every component of the burger must be placed between the bun or bread pieces, or served open-faced on a bread product

  13. Judging will be conducted in a double blind format.  The team captain will deliver their team’s burger to the judging drop off table.  The curator will assign an identifying number/letter to the container and will be the only individual with access to the judges during the competition.

  14. The container will contain only the prepared burger and condiments, no side dishes are allowed.

  15. The judging begins at 6:30 pm on Friday.  Any burger not available at the judging drop-off table within 5 minutes of their judging slot time may not qualify.

  16. Judging slots will be at ten minute intervals and will be assigned at check-in.

  17. There will be three judges for the competition.

  18. Burgers will be judged on a one to 10 score system in five categories.   Total value for any burger will not exceed 50 points per judge or 150 points when all points are tabulated.

  19. The five categories that are judged will and point values will be awarded as follows:  Freshness of Bread (1-10); Size of Burger (1-10); Presentation/Eye Appeal (1-10); Texture/Temperature (1-10); and, Taste (1-10)

  20. Each team must submit a whole burger for judging.  Each team should have 40 bite sized burgers for attendees to taste and vote for “fan favorite”, by burger brawl attendees.

  21. Participants are encouraged to have “tip” jars for their favorite charity.

  22. In the event of a tied score the judges will re-examine score cards and any notes made during tasting and declare a winner.  The judge’s decision is final.

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